Events in the Paper Submission and Review Process

  1. Install and Initialize System
    • Gather:
      • Program committee names & e-mail addresses
        • (Generate user names & passwords)
        • (Give administrator rights to co-chairs and administrative helpers)
      • Topics of interest for the conference (if any)
    • Decide on deadlines:
      • Abstracts due
      • Papers due
      • Reviews due
      • Program committee meeting (either electronic or in-person)
      • Notification to authors
      • Camera-ready papers
      • Registration open
      • Early-bird registration closed
      • Online registration closed
    • Install the software
  2. Notify program committee (PC) of their user names & passwords
    • (they log on and edit their profile, and choose their own password)
  3. Open system for abstract & paper submission
  4. Ask PC to indicate their interest levels & conflicts of interest
  5. Email confirmation notice or reminder to authors of submitted abstracts
  6. Close paper submissions, remove papers with abstract but no paper body
  7. Email confirmation to authors
  8. Double-check conflict-of-interest settings - enter any conflicts you find that aren't already listed
  9. Close interest-setting ability
  10. Assign reviewers to papers
  11. Email assignment notification to PC members
  12. Each week, send review status report
  13. Monitor review status
  14. Open anonymous review report capability
  15. Close review revision capability & hold the program committee meeting
  16. Accept papers, notify authors
  17. Open registration system
  18. Close registration system
  19. Hold conference