BYU Paper Review System

By Stephen W. Liddle

The BYU Paper Review System is a conference/workshop paper submission and review management system. Click here for a demo. It is designed to make the job of reviewing papers a little easier to manage. This system is actively under development, and we are in the process of adding additional features. Here is a list of events associated with using this system to manage a conference.

Right now, our system supports the following features:

Features coming soon (we hope): All of these features are implemented using HTML forms and ordinary Web browser techniques. The most exotic feature used is multi-part forms, which is required for uploading papers. We know this system works with Netscape Navigator 3.x and above, or Internet Explorer 4.x and above. Any other browser that handles multi-part forms should also work.

If you agree to the terms of our copyright and license agreement, you may download the source code.

New! A team of students in France has adapted the Paper Review System for use in a journal setting. Their source code is also posted here (look for the IJDAR version).

The Paper Review System is written in PHP ( and C (we use GNU gcc and Solaris 2.6 x86), and uses the mySQL database management system. Our Web server of choice is Apache. For help setting up PHP/Apache/mySQL, see The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP (you can skip the SSL part if you want).

We have not installed these tools on Windows NT, but we see no fundamental reason why they cannot work with other Web servers and operating systems. The database interface is currently written in the mySQL native C API and PHP interface module, so you must either install and use mySQL or port the database-access code.

Paper Review System, Copyright © 1997-2000, The Board of Trustees of Brigham Young University. All rights reserved.